…It is 1941 and the Germans had conquered Paris, they took the country without much resistance. They have been bombarding our city, London, and our people are tired and weak. The German Luftwaffe keeps destroying our parks and buildings. The people can’t hold on in the British subway, we need the United States’ intervention. How long can we last like this?

England’s leader became a key for the victory of the allies during the second world war. And its leader, Winston Churchill, gave that needed push that everyone needed!

Winston Churchill's radio speeches became the moral pomp up to the…

Everyone has experienced a heart-break, a loss in business, being robbed, being disappointed with a test, a friend, etc. In the short term, that pain seems that it won’t go away. And even the first disappointment is always the worst.

There is a famous saying that losing is about twice as powerful as the pleasure of gaining. And it's probably true!

When these moments happen, you need to look at things from a third-person perspective from a different side of the coin. It's hard to get this pain out, or even the thought about it.

But remember a previous disappointment…

…. This year has been a challenging year for everyone. Being limited to the number of activities and events we can do, we really start questioning ourselves about what life really is. This book brings good life perspectives that are important to share. In this article, we are going to talk about the biggest lessons from Harvard professor Clayton M. Christensen.

…best known for his book “The Innovator’s Dilemma” and “How Will You Measure Your Life”, Clayton shares with us his experience about life and what really matters.

The book starts by breaking the ice, mentioning how he had several…

One of my best child school friends just graduated from UT Austin as a CS major. He was the typical kid that was programming websites during middle school, investing in Bitcoin back in 2011 when Bitcoin was traded for next to nothing, and even building a 3D wood printer in 2014 (probably one of the first printers in Mexico)… In short, I have always seen him as smart as Bill Gates.

Now that he is working in his real state family business he tells me that he does not love the job. Trying to help him out, I told him…

Growing up in the 2000s was an amazing experience having life-changing products each year. From the “1,000 songs in your pocket”, unlimited Apps and songs, to the Ipad, it touched everyone.

I remembered when I got my first Ipad for Christmas, it was a magical moment when it turned on and you were able to see the white flashing Apple logo. You could do whatever you wanted, from reading a book, watching a movie, browsing the internet, even playing Minecraft. Endless hours of new apps and opportunities…

It wasn't until later when I realized who was behind these magical products…

Mario Acosta

Mexican that wants to improve this world and show people how incredible it is.

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